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WWF China
Room 1609
Wenhua Gong
Beijing Working People's Culture Palace (Laodong Renmin Wenhuagong Dongmen)
Beijing 100006
P.R. China

Tel +86 10 6511 6211
Fax +86 10 6511 6222

Our address in Chinese/中文地址:

电话:8610-6511 6211
传真:8610-6511 6222

For ads and branding, please contact:
Ms. Dang Wang
Branding Manager
P: +86 10 6511 6286

For corporate relationship, please contact:
Mr Yanlin Hou
Senior Corporate Relationship Manager
P: +86 10 6511 6235

For online issues, please contact:
Mr. Jingning Zhang
Senior Communications Officer, Comms Dept.
P: +86 10 6511 6285

For press issues, please contact:
Ms. Chao Xu
Senior Press Officer (International Media),
P: +86 10 6511 6272

To reach WWF China by Subway

  1. To get to the office take No. 1 Subway to Tian’anmen East station.
  2. Take the exit close to Nan Chi Zi Da Jie (南池子大街).
  3. Go east for about 100m-150m. You should see Nan Chi Zi St. on your left.
  4. Go north up Nan Chi Zi for about 400m.
  5. The east gate of Working People's Cultural Palace (劳动人民文化宫东门 or Laodong Renmin Wenhuagong Dongmen will be on your left.
  6. Tell the people guarding the gate that you have an appointment with WWF (世界自然基金会 or Shi Jie Zi Ran Ji Jin Hui) so that you don't need to purchase a ticket.
  7. At the east gate go north for about 30m. The WenhuaGong Office will be on your right. It is a red bricked building.
  8. When you enter the office building, go straight to the end of the lobby and turn right. The entrance to the office should be the second door to your right.